I awoke this morning with these words in my brain:

February already.  Just yesterday it was 1978, and the whole world was laid out in front of me.


So I did what any normal person would do; first I made those words my facebook status, then I sat down to ponder why they might be rolling around in my noggin at 6 am.  Those ponderings brought forth two quotes:

1.  They’re gonna make a movie from the things that they find crawlin’ round my brain.  (Adam Duritz, you speak the truth.)

2.  If a man views the world the same way at 50 as he did at 20, he has wasted thirty years of his life.(Muhammed Ali)

Oh, it gets better.  As I sit tapping away, my iPod has shuffled to Born Again by Badly Drawn Boy.  You could look up the lyrics, but I’ll save you the trouble:

Maybe there’s a reason why I’m born again
There’s something rare going on under my skies
You got to chill out, find a reason for your soul again
And judge the miracle by feel, not size
Infinite the reasons why I’m born again
The modern innocents have soul on their side

Try to capture reasons why I’m born again
The more I look at it the less that I find
But I won’t bail, there will be a reason for my soul again
Another miracle has seasoned my mind…

Clearly, the universe has asked me to put aside jewelry making for the day and get my sh*t in order.  Metaphorical sh*t.  Metaphysical sh*t.

So another February has come, a February long past that one in 1978 when I was a high school senior ready to swallow the world in one gulp.  And what have I to show for it?  What have I learned?

~Well, the remains of a few jobs (some short-term, one lasting nearly a quarter of a century) have scattered to reveal new opportunities.  And I think change is good—if it doesn’t kill you, that is.

~Music is a miracle.  I am mesmerized by Debussy’s Claire de Lune, brought to tears by Ben Harper’s Brick, and reduced to adolescent snickering every. single. time. I hear Jimmy Buffet’s Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw?

~We each need to find our own sources of rejuvenation.  For me, they include reading the Psalms, looking at sunflowers, and receiving a visit from my friends Ben and Jerry. 

~No one is perfect, and going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sleeping in the garage makes you a car.  But that doesn’t excuse us from trying to do the right thing.  Each new day has the potential for greatness, but some of them will end in disasters of Towering Inferno proportions.  The trick is to tip the scales in the right direction more often than the wrong.  Although I will admit here that I think we deserve extra credit for good intentions gone awry…

~A loving family needs no explanation—certainly not from a bumbler like me.

There’s more to write—much, much more.  Words about forgiveness and meanness  and the importance of a fiber rich diet.  But it’s already February, and tomorrow the entire world might just be in my rear view mirror.

a) The asterisks are mine, and so are the reasons for using them.  I’m fairly certain everyone reading knows what letter is being cleverly disguised.
b) I know 1978 is more than 30 years ago; don’t rain on my epiphany.



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