I met Mr. Biker Dude in the checkout line at a local home improvement store.  He was rocking a long, blond braid down his back and had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.  As we chit-chatted about the evil that is plumbing, he noticed me taking in the patches on his well-worn leathers.

On one side there was a Harley Davidson emblem–no surprise there–and on the other, a patch that said  Love is blind.  Marriage is an eye opener.

“I saw you looking at my patch, Miss,” Mr. Biker Dude said, blue eyes twinkling, “and you should know that I’ve been married to my girl for 39 years now.”  I told him that I was nearing 30 years with my husband, and there was instant cognizance.  He got it.  I got it.  We got this marriage thing.  And fixing a leaky faucet could wait while we talked about it.

Without the slightest hesitation, he told me that “his girl” was the love of his life.  He didn’t understand grown men who couldn’t be satisfied, who were always looking for someone new, whose wives no longer excited them.

“If my girl’s getting out of the shower, I’m getting excited!” he grinned.

Minutes passed as we shared anecdotes and observations from married life.  He was pleased that I understood how it is possible to love someone even if you don’t like him or her every minute, and the importance of not going to bed angry.   We agreed that even married people need the freedom to make new friends–even flirt a bit–as long as boundaries are respected.  When I opined that some people are so addicted to the rush of falling in love that they never get to experience the pleasure of being in a lasting love, he nodded knowingly.

In time, Mr. Biker Dude stuck out his hand and shook mine.  “Well, Miss, you really made my morning, but my girl is at home waiting to help fix that leak.  You take care now.”  And I watched as he crossed the parking lot, climbed on his Harley, and rode home to his very lucky girl.


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