Comes a time when a girl has to look back at her life with a critical eye. . .and now’s as good a time as any.  So here I sit, with the benefit of hindsight and powered by too many cups of coffee, proclaiming my list of regrets:

I should have

~ paid more attention in math class.

~ kissed him when I had the chance.

~ kept my big, fat mouth shut.

~ taken dance lessons.

~ read Wuthering Heights.

~ slapped the stupid right off his smug face.

~ never lost touch with them.

~ listened to my doctor.

~ prayed unceasingly.

~ told the truth.

~ exercised more often.

~ tried ______ at least once.

~ told a certain woman it was neither the time nor place for that particular discussion.

~ saved more money.

~ learned to play the guitar.

~ learned to play them drums. (*snork)

~ become a writer or an artist like I’d planned.

~ stood up for myself.

~ apologized.

~ really, really listened.

~ put those pants right back on the rack (ugh).

~ visited his grave more often.

~ stopped it before it went too far.

~ kept studying sign language.

~ said yes.

~ said no.

~ trusted my instincts.

~ forgiven myself.

~ been more brave.

~ said “I love you.”

~ known better.

~ written that down before I forgot it.

~ been more sympathetic when she needed a friend.

~ found a way.

~ not taken “no” for an answer.

~ had a better answer.

~ chosen my words more carefully.

~ realized it was not too late.

~ made more of an effort.

~ had that adventure we’d always talked about.

~ known I’d never really wear those shoes.

~ been more careful.

~ been more reckless.

~ realized that bird was too little to know how to fly.

~ appreciated what I had.

~ learned my lesson.

~ been sillier.

~ not wished the days away.

~ accepted that I’m only human.

~ refused to regret.

Wow.  That was surprisingly cathartic!    I do reserve the right to revisit and revise this list of regrets as time and needs dictate. 



  1. That’sa pretty comprehensive list, but I’m sure you’ve left out a few.
    … you’ll regret that … or add it to another list of regrets later.

    note: I kind of regret having read Wuthering Heights.

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