I’ll run to join the circus
Spend my days among the clowns
With laughter in my life or nothing at all
Leave this wretched, worn out town

Before my beating heart becomes a stone
And my soul turned by Medusa’s stare
I’ll wrap myself in a blanket of stars
Let its warm glow comfort me there

Let’s hear it for simple human kindness
Boys in ball caps; girls in spring dresses
For love affairs that last a whole lifetime
And stopping to count up our blessings

We can flirt and hold hands just for the fun
Find diamonds hidden in the straw
And no one will dare to judge our dancing
Just because they’re deaf to our song

Lights from the tilt-o-whirl brighten my eyes
The calliope rings in my head
The machine has coughed out enough of my bones
I’ll take the circus instead



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