OBESTIALITY – a poem about being fat

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

Such a conundrum.
Such a pretty face.
Such character, such charm;
But oh,  such a shame.

A figure defined
In figures of speech:
Big as a house,
Looks like a cow.

The lady adjacent
Conceals her eyes
But not her disgust,
Afraid of contagion,

As though my rounded knee
Might infect her muscled one
As though I’m a virus,
As though I’m a disease.

I offend by requiring
More space than I’m allowed,
More space than I deserve,
And offer recompense

With a blitheness of spirit,
A lightness of humor,
A hope to sow comfort
Where judgment might take root.

Faced with a mirror
I conceal my eyes
But not my sadness,
Afraid I’m lost forever–

A fragile heart pumping
Deep inside a flesh cocoon;
Protection and rejection
In layers spread with loathing.

Just do it, I tell myself,
As though it were just that easy,
As the woman entombed within
Begs not to be forgotten.

Such a puzzlement.
Such perplexity.
Such a pleasant girl,
But still, such a waste.



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