Where music plays, there is hope.


Only one knows my heart’s heart. 


Life:  race between absurd and sublime.


Make me blush like evening skies. . .


Chaotic, impulsive, conflicted. . .but not dull!


Like Romeo and Juliet, only happy.


Be still, breathe, know—you’re fine.



No life can withstand close scrutiny.



Confident to paranoid in twelve months.



My most prized possession:  his love.



Up to my armpits in alligators.



I have a totally random logic.



The best memories are family memories.



Recovering from the cancer of gossip.



My mouth has its own mind.



I laugh so I won’t cry.



Longing for what can’t be mine.



Like dominos, the years tumble down. . .



It doesn’t feel like home anymore.



The scales don’t measure my soul.



Nothing a foot rub can’t cure.



Trying to find a new normal.



Will I ever be myself again?



Compulsively impulsive:  not a good combination. 



Always cleaning up my own messes. . .



Freak flag and sassy pants included!



Really should have handled that differently.



Not just my brothers; my heroes.




Together 30 years; still in love!



Followed by a shadow of regret.



Cage Match:  My strength; your spite.



I’m more than just my mistakes.



Your heart is my safe place.



Adrift; where will I come ashore?



Make me laugh and I’m yours.




Too many oysters, not enough pearls.



These brown eyes can win arguments.



The dream turned into a nightmare.


7 thoughts on “SIX WORD MEMOIRS

  1. I love reading these Mrs. Boyle! I come up with so many in these in my spare time. I was reading these while listening to the song Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap, and started crying. I guess the combination just touched me somehow…

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