In my lifetime, I have tried to be open-minded and non-judgmental. While I enjoy lively debate, it’s been my goal to respect the opinions of others and to welcome new ideas. But I might have been pushed beyond my limits by the news–reported by CNN–that Facebook is adding new choices to its profile gender options. Now, Facebook users may identify themselves not just as male or female, but alternatively with terms such as transgender, gender fluid, and intersex. According to CNN, page owners also may select personal pronouns for referencing themselves: he/him, she/her, or the gender-neutral they/their. Now I realize I am rarely the voice of reason regarding such hot-button issues, but I have had enough of this nonsense and will therefore take up the flag.

PEOPLE: ┬áThe words “they” and “their” are NOT gender neutral pronouns. They are PLURAL pronouns. When will the madness end?